Friday, March 9, 2012

For Matthew

The time creeps by
In the midnight hours of day
To one it is the morning
To another it is still the night
Here in this place thoughts clash with the lights and sounds of false escape
My heart beats fast
My mind races
Thinking about all that has happened
I hit pause
Up goes my concentration
Emotions run rampant
Sadness fills my heart
At a loss for words
My fingers stop typing
My heart breaks for one and then the other
One is still here while the other has been taken
Joy and sorrow
Relief and pain
I thank the Lord my brother lives another day
His dear friend is gone and that will never change
I am so sorry baby brother
For your heart must bear the pain
A wound that will not soon go away
There in your heart it will stay
Until the day you seek His face
For that moment I hope and pray