Friday, June 10, 2011

learning to walk in freedom

freedom is no small thing
it is the very thing that Jesus Christ, my savior, died for
it stares me in the face, yet, for so long i have looked the other way
i have been a prisoner willing and unbeknownst to me
the fullness of the joy of the freedom God has lavished upon me is without measure, without restraint
it crashes over me like the peak of the highest wave the ocean has ever seen
what does this joy look like
i know it is there but
is it a smile
is it encapsulated in tears
is it a warming sensation of the heart
maybe it is one of these things, all of these things or none of these things
perhaps it is basking in the truth of who God tells me i am and how He feels about me
how he designed a purpose and plan for my life, long before creation even existed
i praise God for my freedom
i thank God that my false truth is in direct opposition with reality
i am not unloved but loved
i am not unnoticed but cherished
i am not unforgiven but forgiven
i am not imperfect but continuously being perfected
and i am his daughter in whom He is well pleased. 
i choose to walk in the freedom of who God says i am 
and no longer walk the meandering, destructive path of woundedness
i say yes, Jesus, heal me
satan your power has no hold here anymore
freedom is no small thing 
but through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it overfills my cup  
it is mine and i am His